CALTEL members believe that the way to grow their businesses is to provide outstanding service to their customers.  CALTEL members believe that slamming or cramming are counter to their own interests, both in the short term and in the long term. Because of these beliefs, the CALTEL board of Directors has adopted the following


CALTEL Members will adhere to the following principles:


(A) Members will not submit orders for provisioning without customer authorization, or participate in "slamming", "cramming", or "sliding" activities.


(B) Members will provide accurate and timely billing and customer service and subscribe to the concept of "truth in billing".


(C) Members will respond to subscriber service inquiries and complaints expeditiously and honestly, and will work in good faith to resolve subscriber concerns to the subscriber's satisfaction.


(D) Members will make available upon request, accurate and clearly understandable service rates, terms and conditions to the public.


(E) Members will fulfill their regulatory obligations and cooperate fully with all regulatory agencies.


(F) Members' advertising and promotional materials will accurately, honestly and clearly represent their company products and services as actually provided.


(G) Members will accept responsibility for representations made on behalf of their company by employees or agents.


(H) Members will treat competitors with respect, refraining from making any disparaging comments, accusations, unfavorable implications or providing misleading information about a competitor's rates or service.


(I) Members will adhere to the Bylaws of CALTEL.



Contact Information

Sarah DeYoung,
Executive Director
50 California Street, Suite 1500
San Francisco, CA 94111

Phone: 925-465-4396

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