California Public Utilities Commission Competition Proceeding (I.15-11-007)

Library of Key Documents



Final CPUC Decision:  D.16-12-025.pdf



List of Testimony Exhibits: Exhibit_Index_(July_28_2016).pdf



CALTEL Testimony: DeYoung_Rebuttal_Supplemental_Testimony_Competition_OII__I.15-11-007_7-1..__(004).pdf



AT&T Katz Rebuttal Testimony:  ML_Katz_CPUC_OII_15_JULY_2016_Testimony_FINAL.pdf



AT&T Aron Testimony: I1511007_-_Aron_Testimony_-_06-01-16.pdf



Order Instituting Investigation (OII): I.15-11-007_Competition_OII__11-12-15.pdf


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